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24 years of experience with our Spanish School in San Pedro la Laguna tells you why you should be with us. Throughout the years we have shown our professional work with teachers of high quality:  exercises, conversations, grammar, discussion of cases and homework makes us a different and excellent school to achieve your goals. At the Mayab Spanish School you will have interactive, fun and productive classes, so you enjoy everything you do during your time at school, you will also be able to get involved in our Mayan culture to have an unforgettable experience. We also offer Spanish classes for children, travelers and DELE exam preparation.

Why choose MAYAB? At MAYAB, we pride ourselves on providing quality content for both Spanish education and culture. Studying at MAYAB means learning Spanish and culture around Lake Atitlán, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Our teachers are certified by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and speak English. They take an active approach on teaching and learning, continuously updating their content


We are a group of San Pedro residents working to provide quality education in Spanish to visitors, while at the same time we focus on community development. Our goal is to satisfy our clients with effective and efficient learning, while using the tuition we collect to further develop our Mayan community. In addition we generate employment and development opportunities, we seek to support our community through research, academic activities and the practice of Mayan spirituality and worldview. We believe that this serves to create conditions of peace and harmony for all!

a) Improve the communication skills of our students.
b) Include an intercultural perspective in our classes.
c) Provide an efficient and effective education.
d) Improve the standard of living of local families, especially in health and education matters and.
e) Develop projects and programs to reinforce the Mayan principles of living in peace and harmony.

a) We have 23 years of experience as a Spanish school and have been an organization serving our community for 45 years.
b) We have experts in the areas of culture, education and health.
c) We have a direct relationship with the Community Development Council.
d) We have a cultural commission conformed by people from Guatemala, Austria, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland.
e) We create specific annual plans for the development of the Mayan culture and worldview.

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