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You will have the opportunity to learn about their cultural patterns, traditions and ancestral spirituality. Residents are also highly bilingual. All this makes San Pedro a favorable place to learn Spanish and also to discover the Mayan culture.

MAYAN CULTURE AND WORLD VISION The Mayan culture is one of the great ancient cultures that has left humanity a diversity of philosophical, spiritual, scientific, technological, monumental, agricultural, legal contributions and many material and immaterial goods. The cosmogonic legacy: our harmonious relationship with Mother Earth, Father Sun and Grandfather Cosmos, based on principles and values that privilege human life and all forms of life, as well as a deep respect for animals and all kinds of plants.

An ancient Mayan thought says: the total existence and the human being have essential meanings. Human life is a manifestation of the Divine Light of the three levels of cosmic existence.

Each human being has a level of spiritual-energetic connection that sustains their temporary three-dimensional life. Good living is the result of the connection of the personal energy called Nawal, which is the Cosmic Self. Bad living is the result of the disconnection with the personal Cosmic Self. Living in harmony or in depression is a personal decision, which can be channeled through the knowledge and application of your Nawal.

We want to help you to get to know your Nawal or Cosmic Self well. Help you live Mayan spirituality and live happily and in personal and family balance. This is part of the Mayan wisdom that we share at Escuela MAYAB’, a school with a lot of experience and professionalism at a national and international level. Our Mayan worldview program is extensive, we help beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Our program includes a theoretical and practical part. We can assist you in person or online by Zoom
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