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Why to choose Mayab

Organizations and individuals seeking MAYAB important to be a school with its own identity to develop quality work in Spanish and in the intercultural field. Frequently students are from Germany, England, France, Finland, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, USA, Canada, among others, who have left evidence of their satisfaction learning.

Studying MAYAB quality means learning Spanish and Mayan language tz'utujil along one of the world's most beautiful lakes, Lake Atitlan, with an active approach and with teachers certified by the Ministry of Education and continuously updated. You can meet students who are doing research on Worldview and Culture Maya.
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San Pedro La Laguna, located at the foot of the giant San Pedro volcano, is located on the south side of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by Atitlan and Toliman volcanoes, mountains K'stalin, known in the nose of the Indian tourism. The town was founded by the Maya to 1, and baptized by the Spanish in 1.7 with the name of San Pedro and later as a San Pedro la Laguna. Despite external influences, culture, values and principles based on Mayan remains. Its people are highly bilingual favorable condition for learning Spanish and find cultural information.

As a suitable place to rest and learn, San Pedro la Laguna, offers the opportunity to meet their cultural patterns, traditions and ancient Mayan spirituality, in addition to presenting an interesting scenario to learn different sociological experiences. Learning Spanish here is a unique experience, because it guarantees that in a dynamic and interactive learn Spanish quickly and effectively. It is one of the few places in Guatemala and the world that has found a former Mayan Calendar, the details can meet them in MAYAB '.